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Early Childhood Education – Bottle Lake Preschool 

Supporting families to raise curious and engaged learners is the ethos at Bottle Lake Preschool.

In the early years, young children develop many skills and habits that prepare them for school. Two of these essential habits are curiosity and engagement.

Children who are curious about the world are on the right path for school. Curious learners ask questions, explore, experiment, and try to understand the world. It’s also vital for children to engage in play actively. Play is the way young children learn about the world, themselves, and how to work with others. They are learning rapidly and plenty of time and opportunities to play — alone and with others — is what they need.

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Karen and her staff at Bottle Lake Preschool understand the importance of play and experience for children’s learning. The teachers facilitate experiences where children can show curiosity and take charge of their own learning. They believe in allowing children to be leaders in their play. When children are allowed to show leadership, they feel empowered and are more likely to get involved and stay focused.

“Children are the reason we are all teachers,” says Karen. “It is an honour to be part of the children’s lives while they are at Bottle Lake.”

About Bottle Lake Preschool
Bottle Lake Preschool is a large, privately-owned early childhood centre in Parklands. The well-equipped centre — consisting of a nursery, preschool, and kindergarten— has three playgrounds and extensive resources so that children from baby to school-age can learn and explore at their own pace.

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