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Early Childhood Education – Kindercare

Fostering children’s growth and development is what Kindercare does best.

Children’s growth and development is best nurtured through loving relationships and in an environment where they feel safe, secure, valued, happy, and like they belong – then learning happens naturally. When our children are free to play and explore, alongside responsive, caring adults, we’re supporting and encouraging the development of their social and emotional skills.

Since 1972, the Kindercare team have been fostering strong, trusted partnerships with families, because we believe this is key to providing our children with the best early care and learning. We want to get to know your child and what makes them unique. Their personality, their interests, and how they respond to the world is crucial to us because when children feel seen, respected, and loved, they can reach their full potential.

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Spending the day with your little one is a privilege. We love seeing how much they change and grow through their preschool years. It’s an extraordinary time to be part of. Each day is another opportunity for fun, discoveries, and sharing the celebration of their incredible milestones with our families.

At Kindercare, we believe children matter. The early years set children up for life. That’s why our teachers are committed to building secure, loving attachments and providing exceptional care and learning experiences for each child entrusted to our Kindercare family.


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