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Great outdoors

Make the most of the natural environment and reap the many benefits of spending time with Mother Nature.

Kids are naturally curious, and there’s nothing they like better than taking grown-ups along for the ride when they are exploring their environment. Not only that but getting out can help our kids live healthier and happier lives.


1. Health
Sunlight, fresh air and a little vitamin D from the sunshine are the healthy side effects of a day spent outside having fun.

2. Calming
Outdoor adventures create opportunities for creativity, problem-solving and unstructured fun. Kids who play outside are noticeably more relaxed, and all that activity helps everyone sleep soundly.

3. Forming Bonds
Adventuring means time together. Indulging in a new experience in unfamiliar surroundings means everyone is present in the moment, and parents can’t de distracted by all the things that need doing at home.

4. Understanding The Environment
It’s one thing to learn about nature in school, but hands-on learning can significantly impact growing brains. Finding bugs or a bird’s nest is great fun and can also spark a lifelong interest in learning.

5. Collect Experiences
They say that if you have the money, you should spend it on experiences and not things, and the brilliant thing is that a lot of outdoor activities are free! If you do use the entertainment budget on a family outing, you can guarantee you are filling up the banks with precious memories.


  1. If the wind is blowing, head for the park and fly a kite.
  2. Enlist the kids’ help to wash the cars.
  3. Hunt for as many different bugs as you can find.
  4. Have a picnic in the park or even in your garden.
  5. Go on a treasure hunt for pinecones, shells and stones.
  6. Visit the Botanic Gardens and play in the autumn leaves.
  7. Visit a stream and build a dam with rocks.
  8. Venture into another neighbourhood and explore new playgrounds.
  9. Take your books and colouring outside and lie in the sun.
  10. Build a fort with the outdoor furniture and blankets and move in.

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