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Hell Pizza School Fundraising Lunches

Hell Pizza school fundraising lunches help local schools to raise much needed funds whilst providing a fun and nutritious meal for the children at a great price. We’ve been delivering school lunches to over 60 schools all around New Zealand since 2007, and have a great reputation amongst those we’ve dealt with so far, so we know you’ll enjoy working with us too.

Key points of the Hell Fundraising lunches are as follows:

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Each child chooses one snack size pizza from a range of specially designed children’s’ pizzas. Our pizzas are made fresh from real ingredients, with low fat and salt content, then cut into 6 small slices which kids of all ages can easily manage by themselves. We can easily cater for kids with dietary requirements and allergens, and we can offer our full menu range for staff.

We make it easy

We’ll manage the process from start to finish for you with easy-to-use order slips, friendly communication, and easy distribution of our clearly labelled pizzas on the day. We deliver the pizzas whenever and wherever suits you.


Each child pays just $5 per pizza, with $1 of this going to your school. We’ll deliver it all for free.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss our fundraising lunches with you personally so I can explain the benefits in more detail, and we’ll even shout you and your staff a taste of HELL.

Please ring JASON BUCKLEY on 0212266609 or EMAIL ME

WEBSITE: www.hellpizza.com/nz

We also can do all sporting clubs as well.


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