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Ice-Land Group – “Keeping fundraising simple”

Ice-Land Group – “Keeping fundraising simple”

When fundraising, we have learnt to keep things as simple and as hassle free as possible you will find we have gone a long way to perfecting this most effective way of fundraising. Ice-Land Group helps you to fundraising through sales of frozen food products. Our system is simple to use, there is no hidden cost or financial risk involved for you as you only pay for product you have pre-sold, and the rewards are all yours!

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So, here’s how it works:

By following these 3 simple steps, your fundraising drive can be up and running within a few days:

  1. Call Ice-Land to arrange the dates of your fundraising drive. Fill these dates in on our Booking Sheet (included in pack) and email/fax this to Ice-Land. We suggest a 2 week selling period from the time you distribute the order forms to the time the orders are due back to you. Order forms are provided in the pack for your use.
  1. The Order forms are then returned at the end of the selling period to the designated coordinator within your organisation. They are summarised and the Totals Sheet (included in pack) is filled out and emailed/faxed back to Ice-Land.
  1. The Order is delivered to you and payment is transferred. After the order has been delivered, all you are required to do is place the individual orders into the bags provided.


We offer YOU the following benefits:

  • Free Bags to pack your individual orders into.
  • Free Delivery and Free gift when your order is over $600
  • Great Product Range
  • No hidden costs
  • No financial risk to the fundraiser
  • Great profit from selling quality products
  • Easy to use fundraising pack with all documents provided.

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Ice-Land offers a fabulous range of frozen foods for fundraising – as listed below:


12 Pack Mixed Savouries (Mince, Cottage, Sausage Rolls)
50 Pack Mixed Savouries (Mince, Mince & Cheese, Cottage, Bacon & Egg, Sausage Rolls)
1kg Free Flow Sausage Rolls (approx. 15 units)
800g Sausage Rolls – Original
800g Sausage Rolls – Sage & Onion


Apple 520g
Apricot 520g
Mince (with onion) 520g
Steak (with onion) 520g
Mince & Cheese 520g
Steak & Cheese 520g
Bacon & Egg 520g


20 Pack Potato Hashbrowns (1.27kg)
Garlic Bread Twin pack


Apple & Custard 450g
Apple, Blackberry & Custard 450g
Strawberry, Rhubarb & Custard 450g
Boysenberry Cheesecake 470ml
Passionfruit Cheesecake 470ml
Strawberry Cheesecake 470ml
Lemon & Gingernut Cheesecake 470ml
Mixed Berry Cheesecake 470ml
White Chocolate Bavarian 470ml
12 Pack Lamingtons (6 x Raspberry, 6 x Chocolate)
Frozen Dough Croissants (15 x 60g)
Apple Strudel (2 x 300g)
Apple, Blackberry & Custard Strudel (2 x 300g)


Please note that ALL our products arrive to you FROZEN. They are all frozen straight from manufacture.


Unfortunately, we have to set a minimum order of $600 for organisations that are situated outside Palmerston North. If this is not attainable, a freight charge will apply unless arranged otherwise. Please contact our team to discuss if you have any queries.


Request an info pack today!

Either use the link below or contact one of our friendly staff on 06 355 5057 or amy@ice-land.co.nz or deanne.hill@ice-land.co.nz

Please include as much information as possible to ensure we supply the correct information pack.

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