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Kids say the funniest things

Just when you’re not expecting it, kids say the funniest things! We asked our Family Times Facebook members what their kids have cracked them up with. We’re still laughing. Here’s a snapshot:

Brookey Robertson-Cox
“My eldest – then 5 – asked me if Santa was deaf. When I asked what an earth made him think that he replied, “Because he never bought me the transformer toy I asked for!” Whoops..”

Karen Walker
“My 4-year-old nephew told me his teeth were only sharp enough for chocolate, not for carrots.”

Joe-Ann Day
My daughter saw a double-decker bus for the first time and goes, “Look mum, a bunk bus!”- why not?”

Mel Halliday
My 4-year-old son found a bangle in my jewellery box and asked me to close my eyes. “Open your eyes Mum. Will you marry me?” I said “Yes, I’d love to!” He calls out “Sorry Dad! I’m gonna marry this girl one day!”

Jodie Cross
A few weeks ago at dinner, Miss 6 and 7 were mucking around trying to distract Master 8. In doing so, Miss 6 missed her mouth and dropped her fork full down her front. Before anyone could react, Master 3 yells “What the F$&@?” We all stopped in our tracks unsure of how or if we should react, to then get this response from Miss 7: “It’s okay, he said “What the fox.” So hard keeping a straight face!”

Ina Murphy
“My daughter watched me working on my laptop and she got a little impatient when things didn’t pop up as fast as she would have liked. I explained how the machine worked. That evening she went to the toilet by herself (she was 3). She was doing a number 2 and took forever. When I asked her what was taking her so long, she replied: ” Muuum, I have to download it first!”

Kelly Lopas
“My 6-year-old is often telling adults, “Listen here young man!””

Sarah Stephenson
“I got my first ever full fake tan as a trial for my wedding and my 6-year-old brother asked “is that your Halloween costume?” followed closely by “You’re not wearing that to your wedding are you?” Thanks little bro…”

Laura Neilson
“Miss 4 was making rock creations at kindy with some rocks that she found at home. She made them with a lot of effort and time. She said to one of her teachers, “These are for the old people. Here, you have one.””

If you’d like to share the funny things your child says, email editor@familytimes.co.nz.

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