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Life skills through movement

Learning a martial art offers more than getting a great work out, as children learn valuable life skills at the same time.

Proactive Martial Arts hosts a range of kids’ classes designed to encourage strong values, confidence, coordination and fitness.

“All our classes have been created to help each child grow and equip them with skills that will help them in school, around the house, with friends and in situations where they may need to stand up for themselves,” says Proactive Martial Arts senior instructor Anna Stupples.

The school, which has five facilities around Christchurch, offers separate karate classes for different ages, as well as kickboxing lessons. The life skills learned in these classes include taking turns, managing anger, following directions, teamwork, self-esteem, attention span and a positive attitude.

“We cater to each child’s individual abilities using skill-based games, listening techniques and incentive rewards. Every child can excel in this programme, which is important as it develops confidence and self-esteem through an earned sense of accomplishment,” says Anna.

“And the first class is free!”


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