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Marlow Pies

Welcome to Marlow Pies Ltd – FUNDRAISING MADE EASY!!

We know how hard it is to decide which option is best for your fundraising needs. Marlow Pies are a proven choice for fundraising and are known and loved by many, meaning your organisation has to work less to make a profit …. For every 200g Marlow Pie sold, you make 50c, for every Marlow Family Pie sold, $2 is made.

Marlow Pies are popular and easy to sell. We have many years experience helping Southern people raise money and it’s really easy to sell fresh chilled pies!!


Ordering is Easy – We have an easy to understand system, so your public can readily see what you want them to buy and at what prices. Our ordering system is simple so you can easily collate orders to send to us for manufacture and delivery.

Free Delivery – Like you, we know it’s important to provide your public with great quality pies in premium condition, when and where you need them. We make and deliver fresh to you on your chosen day with only 2 weeks notice.

We’re keen to support you in every way possible, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – ph. (03) 479-0909, orders@marlowpies.co.nz Head on over to www.marlowpies.co.nz for more information.

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