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Professional after-school care

The team at MASH knows exactly what it takes to make after-school care the best it could possibly be.

Parenting is a balancing act, and after school is possibly the trickiest juggle for any working family. Yes, you could constantly rely on other parents or family members to pick up and care for your child, but it’s more important to save those friendships and relationships for times you really need it.

That’s why highly reputable organisations, such as MASH, were created to carry the weight of working parents in the after-school rush, and there’s a lot to be said about the value of formal care, as it’s structured, professional, reliable and consistent.

MASH, which stands for My After School Headquarters, has various locations throughout the South Island, with lots of different programmes for children to enjoy. And the great thing is, it can be just one hour of after-school care, or right up until 6 pm.

MASH founder and director Craig Fortune and his team view the end of each school day as a fantastic opportunity for kids to have fun.

“Children who have spent hours in a classroom need a meaningful transition from school to after school – that’s why we make sure after school doesn’t feel like they’re back in class,” says Craig.

MASH programmes aren’t babysitting services, but they do provide professional, well-planned and value-added childcare environments where tamariki are safe, have a great deal of fun and have an opportunity to engage in new and varied experiences.

 The superhero teachers at MASH are passionate about making a positive difference in children’s lives and pride themselves on providing the best possible environments for tamariki.

“As a parent myself, I understand that there can certainly be some stress and even little feelings of guilt at having to have your children in out of school programmes, so it’s hugely important to us to provide programmes that children love attending,” Craig says.

And the most convenient thing for parents is, other than knowing that your children are well looked after, you can book everything online! An OSCAR subsidy is also available through WINZ.


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