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If energy levels or moods are low, worries are high or if a good night’s sleep doesn’t come easy, SleepDrops provides support for the whole family.

For a healthy, happy life, getting enough sleep and relaxation is vital – not just for parents, but for the whole family. However modern life places big demands on our time. As we try to juggle a career with raising a family – not to mention eating well, getting enough exercise and maintaining a healthy social life – life can easily become unbalanced.

When this happens and things become a bit too much, our sleep patterns are disrupted: even if we manage to fall asleep quickly, we may experience restlessness and wake up feeling more tired than when our head hit the pillow. And, as we all know, sleep deprivation can turn the most relaxed parent or child into an irritable ball of stress and fatigue.

SleepDrops Daytime Revive is a herbal formula to help you regain balance by improving energy levels, mood, concentration and resilience, so you can get the most out of your day while handling with ease the everyday ups and downs of parenting. It’s also great for kids who seem to worry a lot.

And for those parents who find sleep elusive at the end of the day, SleepDrops for Adults supports going to sleep and getting back to sleep faster. If you have trouble falling asleep, this all-natural solution combines 13 of the most scientifically recognised medical herbs with 11 homeopathic sleep remedies – designed to switch off your busy mind so you can get to sleep, and to support the normal phases of sleep.

There is also a unique formula for children who find it difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. For toddlers through to pre-teens, SleepDrops for Kids is a gentle, non-habit forming, non-toxic formula that helps calm kids before bedtime. For children with high levels of energy and overactive minds, SleepDrops will help relax and settle them for a good night’s sleep – right through the night.

The SleepDrops family value 25ml spray range is now available in supermarkets.


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