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Super teen

LAETITIA TAN is a teenager with Down Syndrome who has made her dream of becoming a published author come true with the release of her first book, The Awesome Superheroes – The Bank Robbery.

At just 18, Laetitia Tan has written and published her own superhero story for children which has already sold more than 360 copies. Mum Valentina says, “Laetitia’s speech therapist helped with the writing, but Laetitia made all the decisions about the story.”

We caught up with Laetitia to talk to her about her success with writing her first book.

What made you want to write a book? Do you read a lot?
Yes, I love reading. I am so obsessed with the Avengers series.

Do you enjoy writing?
I love to write. I have a creative imagination, and I overcame my fear of the challenges of Down Syndrome to write this book.

How did you come up with the story for this book?
I thought about the characters, John and Kayla and Max, the German Shepherd. And I thought about the setting and how the story went in order.

What was the hardest thing about writing your book?
Probably the spelling and the grammar and punctuation. My speech and language therapist helped me a lot with that.

The illustrations are fantastic. Who did the artwork for your book?
My brother’s friend Jacob Cropper helped me and did the illustrations. I love all of them.

What was the most exciting part of having the book published?
When the proof of the book arrived at my house. That was very exciting.

Is your book for sale?
Yes, you can buy my book through our Facebook page ‘The Awesome Superheroes -The Bank Robbery’, the Chooice website and at Never Ending Books in Auckland. If we are going to be selling at any markets, we will tell you on our Facebook page.

Would you like to write another book?
I am writing another book now. I already have the storyline, and I need to get the right grammar.

What other hobbies and interests do you have?
I do swimming for the Special Olympics and Tae Kwon Do – I am a green belt with blue stripe. I also do guitar lessons, and I like to play the guitar and sing songs. I also like to make crystal art pictures.

What would you say to anyone else who would like to write a book?
A story is not a thing you write, but a story comes from inside yourself and from your imagination. 

We have three copies of Laetitia Tan’s book The Awesome Superheroes – The Bank Robbery to give away.
Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for details on how to enter.

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