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Tackling technology

Youth mentor and presenter JAMES BECK shares some tips for helping young people and parents navigate unchartered waters.

Since the first smartphones reached our shores in 2007, the world that young people are growing up in has changed. In many ways young people are navigating and exploring an uncharted sea of new ways to connect, communicate, play and shop. The tricky thing is that they don’t have a map for these uncharted waters, and neither do parents.

What is needed is some good technology to help you and your young people navigate through the uncharted waters. Here are two suggestions:

  • You don’t have to use the egg timer in the kitchen to work out how much time your eight-year-old has left on the iPad. You can use OurPact, which is a FREE app that helps you to manage your family’s devices and internet access (ourpact.com).
  • Home Network Security from Trend Micro filters the internet and manages all of your family’s devices (iPads, computers, gaming consoles…). You can set it up so that devices can only access the internet for a certain amount of time per day, and only between certain times (trendmicro.co.nz).

As the Attitude Programmes for Schools manager for The Parenting Place, James Beck relishes working with young people to help them make better choices in different areas of their lives.

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