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Covid-19 vaccinations for kids: the basics

On 17 January 2022,  New Zealand’s 5 to 11-year-olds became eligible for vaccination against Covid-19, with the aim of having kids’ protection underway before they head back to school. We set out the basics of this new vaccination programme for kids. Independent experts have welcomed the move saying it will help to keep both children […]

Who is caring for the children in Christchurch?

Many New Zealand children have been exposed to traumatic events. What differs for the children of Christchurch is the ongoing and unpredictable nature of the earthquakes over the past 5 years. Exposure to repetitive or significant traumatic experiences can leave children suspended in a state of fearful expectation. This in turn can compromise their cognitive, […]

Te Wero Gymnastics

Christchurch’s newest Gymnastics Facility providing ‘Challenge’ and ‘Fun’ through the sport of gymnastics. Offering classes for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels – • Preschool, Recreational, Advanced & Competitive • Teens, Adults & Team Gym • Holiday Sessions, Birthday Parties, Group Bookings 118a Shortland Street, Wainoni, Christchurch P: 0226771626 E: info@tewerogym.org.nz Website: www.tewerogym.org.nz

Dealing with seasonal allergies

How do you know if your child has mild hay fever or more serious allergic reaction that may require medical help? What is hay fever? Hay fever is one of the most common allergic reactions, particularly in the spring. Sometimes it’s just a sniffle here and there, but other times it can become more serious, […]

Winter wellness tips and tricks

Staying warm, well and safe in winter takes a bit more effort than in sunny summer months. We’ve got some tips to keep your family on track during winter’s icy grip. Family health • Vitamin C – during winter, when vegetables and fruits high in the immune-boosting vitamin are scarce, you may need to take […]

Teaching kids food literacy

Every parent wants to raise a healthy, happy child. But with busy lifestyles, healthy eating can easily take a back seat to convenience. After all, it’s easier to pick up fish and chips for dinner than to prepare a hearty casserole or salad. But the result, according to Garden to Table founding trustee Catherine Bell, […]

Free your family from the sugar addiction!

  Content sponsored by Health 2000 Sugar is known by some as “the new tobacco,” with calls from some health professionals for sugar to be treated by the government like alcohol and tobacco. The fact is that sugar is an addiction. The maximum recommended daily intake of sugar is six teaspoons per day: the average […]

Fight allergies with food

It’s coming into that season again, when spring’s fresh airborne pollen causes sniffly noses and watering eyes. But before you head to the pharmacy for a quick-fix, consider preventative action using nature’s super foods to fight allergies before they start. And when all else fails, nature also provides some natural remedies that are gentle on […]