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Unique Fundraising

Teatowels make excellent gifts and keepsakes, they are easy to mail domestically and overseas and are a perfect way for parents to show off their children’s artwork. School Teatowels are an excellent alternative to chocolates and other disposable fund raisers and are pretty handy for drying dishes as well!

Great Returns

School Teatowel fundraisers are immensely popular. Sale price is set by the School, however we do recommend a sell price of between $10.00 – $15.00 per towel, leaving most Schools with a 100% return.

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Teatowel Ribbon


“Oh they look perfect
Thank u so much – will definitely recommend your service!!”

Unlimited Creativity

Most Schools stick to the tried and true Portrait style towels in a single colour, however the sky is the limit and many Schools use area names, landmarks and recipes on their towels.

“We appreciate all of your assistance over the past few months, your
Tea Towels have proven a huge success for our fundraising.
Hope you all have a great xmas and new year.”

High Quality

We source our own towels to ensure consistent quality, Teatowels are available in White and Unbleached (Natural) and are 100% cotton.

“Tea towels were a HIT We only have about 20 towels left :-)))

Printed Inhouse

With continued use and washing the print will fade over time however we have seen examples as old as 15 years still holding up well after much use, most parents however will not use their children’s artwork to clean up spills and can expect a lifetime of memories.


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