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Want to learn English?

Find out how you can learn English for work and everyday life with English Language Partners New Zealand.

English Language Partners offer a variety of free and low-cost English courses to help migrants and refugees learn English and settle into New Zealand successfully. Classes focus on practical English for everyday life in New Zealand and cater for English levels from beginner to upper-intermediate. Learners can practise English in a safe environment with supportive, qualified teachers. Class times are flexible and range from 2 to 20 hours per week.

English Language Groups are community-based classes focused on functional Kiwi English for life in New Zealand: conversation, idioms, emergency calls, doctor visits, talking to your child’s teacher, understanding bus timetables and more.

English Language Partners also offer free one-to-one home tutoring where trained volunteers meet with learners, generally at the learners’ homes, to assist them with their English. 

There are also some free work-related courses on offer:

English for Employees: a flexible programme for people who are working and want to improve their English for the workplace, up to four hours per week, offered at times that suit the learners’ working life.

Work Talk: for job seekers, is an intensive four-week course covering all aspects of applying for jobs in New Zealand. Learners must be confident users of English (intermediate level or above). 


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