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Why YHA?

Five reasons YHA is a great choice of accommodation for your next family holiday.

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  1. Amazing locations
    With over 30 destinations across the country, chances are high there’s a YHA where you’re heading! Whether it’s the heart of Queenstown, Tekapo’s lakefront, or near the beach in the Bay of Islands, they’ve got you covered.
  2. Don’t break the bank
    YHA is serious about putting the ‘budget’ in “quality budget accommodation”. Between affordable private rooms and membership discounts on food and activities across New Zealand, they’re about paying less, so you can do more.
  3. Family-friendly facilities
    Private rooms? Check. Ensuites? Check. Bunks for the little ones with a double bed for mum and dad? Check. Most destinations have rooms to suit you, plus fully-equipped kitchens, comfy lounges with boardgames, laundries, bed linen and free WiFi. Just bring the groceries – you’ll feel right at home!
  4. Privatisation
    Make dorm rooms private, just for your family, with a single click online. How’s that for having your own space.
  5. Explore Aotearoa without imposing on the rellies
    Don’t crash on Uncle Pete’s pull-out couch for your next getaway. Instead, sleep easy with YHA. You’ll be supporting a Kiwi not-for-profit dedicated to helping people do something new, exploring New Zealand.


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